Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Biggest Pain...

So this is what happened:
A giant clusterf%$k of a conceptual/ rough idea/ thumbnail layout stage led to a lot of drawing small images, scanning and blowing them up as blue-lined images which I then printed out, drew over the blue lines in pencil-as-finished-inks, mucking up different parts of the image or drawing something wrong from the start but not noticing it until later, RE-drawing that on a separate sheet of paper, scanning and blue-lining and printing out the new art, redrawing it as pencils-as-finished-inks, scanning, scanning, scanning, photoshop cutting and pasting from three different files and making them one file, leveling and color-burning, then a BUTT-LOAD of touch up to get rid of all the pencil-y, smeary B.S. so I can make my pencils look like finished inks. VOILA!

I'm so happy it's done. But I can't show the whole thing yet.

How was your week?

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