Monday, June 28, 2010

The Interrobanger Week 2

The Interrobanger has quickly become a favorite character for me to draw, especially because over the past year I've had little to no practice drawing women, inking with a brush or computer-coloring.
This sinewy brawler is helping me remedy these things.

I'll be attempting to draw her once a week in between completing my comic book narrative pages.
The plan is to post one every Monday.

I'll be adding gear and bits of wardrobe as I do each one.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Interrobanger

Something I did while knocking loose some residual, comic-drawing cobwebs.

Pose was done from some reference I have.
The redesigned Interrobang symbol tattoo popped into my head while I was throwing some choice tattoos on her for something else to look at. I debated whether to throw it down in her pubic area or on her right breast, with the nipple serving as the period. The pubic area won out.
The tube sock sleeves were something I did a couple years ago in someone's sketchbook, and I had been thinking about doing it again.
The "10¢" logo on the button on her headband and the "))<>(( FOREVER" tattoo on her shoulder were two of several different things I considered putting on there.
Coloring in tan lines is a first for me, and it is a lot of fun, I must say.