Monday, January 11, 2010

Mission Accomplished.

I feel like Captain Ahab... Or... A dog who finally caught a car? Do those examples elicit good feelings?
idk whatevs
I've now officially drawn a 22 page, continuous narrative comic book.


I started my first page of issue 1 in November of 2008. I had just had my orchiectomy surgery (testicular cancer) on October 23rd. After my surgery I immediately got back to work drawing the 5th cover to the series (covers are required first for solicitation purposes). On Nov 12 I started working on the interior pages of Issue 1. It took me 14 months to complete the 22 pages (for many various reasons, not just because of cancer. I'm really good at wasting my own time).

It's been a trip.
It's also been very frustrating.
But I'm working on this stuff full-time now so things will be running faster and smoother. It's my meal ticket.

I've gotten to draw so many fun things over the past year.
It's insane to think I've only completed 20% of the whole assignment.
But I'm getting faster and faster so it's totally cool.
( > ' _ ' )>



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