Thursday, October 28, 2010

Frog Scout

This was a drawing I did back in late 2007 for the now abandoned Gonzo Smartfruit blog that my roommate Dan Duncan and I were posting to. We would take turns coming up with assignments that we would both do. The blog didn't last long, as I would fall behind in our assignments because at the time I was unemployed and desperately looking for a job, and I was not drawing much. The drawing started reminding me of an ex-girlfriend, which was distressing, so I stopped wanting to work on it, and did.

Three years later, I found the old sketch I did (the sheet of tracing paper taped on top of it where I was reworking the anatomy and everything), and decided to finish it. I'm on friendly terms with my ex and things are ok on that front, so I fully embraced the resemblance aspect that initially distressed me and decided to go for her likeness 100%. And so I did. The end.

What a great story, right? Very exciting.

No colors yet, but I do plan on coloring it. I'll be doing some digitally painted jungle scenery in the background, and I intended for there to be rain drizzling down (it being a rainforest), which is also why the rider has that expression on her face (she loves the rain and it's cooling her down).

Here are the original pencils from '07 that you can find over on Gonzo Smartfruit—

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