Monday, February 9, 2009

Been a While

Hello, blog. Old friend. It's been a while. I'm sorry. I promise I'll write in you more. I've just been busy. Here's something I've done since last we interacted.

Cool, right? There's plenty more where that came from. Anyway, blog, I'm going to end this letter and start blogging. See you soon!
SO, this is a panel of another page I'm working on for my thing I'm working on. I haven't posted any snippets of anything since I finished the 5 covers. This is the first interior art I have posted, and it is a panel of the protagonist getting dropped off at his extremely expensive private school. I did a quick coloring job on it to give it some.. well, color.

AND I now know how to draw a limousine. So that's cool.



Oscar Padilla said...

I'm digging this man, this is really cool. Is this all technical pens?

Karl Savage said...

I've been inking primarily with a Copic Multiliner S, the size is 0.2.

Here's a link:

It's alright, but the pens are pricy. I was sold on them because you can buy ink refills for them as well as new nibs, which I did, but was disappointed to find that the pens just seem to.. stop. after a while. It confuses me because with a new nib and a new ink cartridge, there's nothing old to gunk up the flow.

I don't know.

I need to start working with a brush again.